About WebcastCenter

Webcasting has become one of the shining stars of the Internet success story. People the world over are increasingly coming to rely on the Internet as a cost-effective communication and information tool. No application seems more suited to serve that demand - in so compelling a fashion - as does webcasting.

As one of the leading pioneers in the field, the WebcastCenter has structured an extensive and growing Internet broadcast network managed by a team of seasoned professionals. WebcastCenter hosts many TV and Radio shows as well as other audio/video productions for over 50 ministries, organizations, government entities and businesses in the United States, Canada and the Middle East.  We have been in business since 1997 and under new ownership since 2001, and continue to be one of the leading streaming media providers for religious and government Internet broadcasting services in the world.  We can help any size organization build an on-demand audio/video library that will be a positive reflection of its commitment to communication both locally and worldwide.


WebcastCenter is not a broker of webcasting services, we maintain our own high capacity network and servers. We have a solid content delivery network with multiple gigabit network connections at a Tier 1 data center. We can simultaneously support a large number of high bitrate connections.

We also own high-end encoding (digitizing) equipment to create Windows Media, Real, Flash and QuickTime format audio/video file. We can convert your content into streaming media format from these sources: VHS, SVHS, Betacam SP, Mini DV, DVD, Audio Tape, Audio CD, 8mm Video, AVI files, and some International formats such as VHS PAL.

WebcastCenter is managed by seasoned network and video professionals with 40+ years of combined experience.

Supported Formats

WebcastCenter can stream your content in Windows Media, Flash, Real and QuickTime formats. We support both live and on demand content delivery from our servers.

Market Segments

WebcastCenter has presence in all major market segments, including but not limited to Broadcasters, Corporate, Education, Government and Religious.


WebcastCenter offers flexible and competitive pricing options for any size organization. You can opt to pay based on monthly usage or a fixed price per file. You can test the waters by trying out a starter package as well.

Please give us a call at 814-342-3303 and talk to an experienced Account Representative for your webcasting needs. You may also send an e-mail to: sales@webcastcenter.com.