On-Demand/Archive Webcasting Services from WebcastCenter

Available in Windows Media, Real, Flash and QuickTime Formats

On-Demand or Archive Webcast is much like a taped television program, something that can be seen over and over again. While live audio and video webcasts offer immediacy to Internet visitors, saving your content in the form of archived files provides permanency. With archived content, prerecorded events are digitized and then stored for viewing over the Internet in an on demand capacity.

Archive Webcast

WebcastCenter provides on-demand webcasting services in multiple formats, from low bitrate audio streams to high bitrate video streams. Supported formats include Windows Media, Real, Flash and QuickTime. Our high capacity Internet connection at a Tier 1 data center can accommodate large number of simultaneous connections.

If you are new in webcasting, we can get you started by doing all the work for you. You simply send us your final program in one of many formats we accept, and we will digitize it and put it on our on-demand servers. We will help you create a link from your website. We will also provide you with daily, week, and monthly usage statistics at no extra cost.

Once you get comfortable with webcasting, or if you are already experienced with webcasting, you can create and upload content to our servers and maintain your own list of files. This gives you complete control over your content.

Please call us at 814-342-3303 or send e-mail to sales@webcastcenter.com for pricing information or to discuss your on-demand webcasting needs. We will get back to you within one business day.