Live Webcasting Services from WebcastCenter

Available in Windows Media, Real and Flash Formats

Live Webcasting allows for any audio or video event to be transmitted in real-time over the Internet. This webcast can be made accessible to virtually any Internet-connected computer in the world. Both public and private (user name and password protected) webcasts can be facilitated.

Live WebcastSome examples of live webcasting would be: speech by the company CEO, stockholders' meeting, religious sermon, and other time-sensitive events.

Live webcasting services are available in Windows Media, Real and Flash formats, in audio or in audio/video modes. WebcastCenter's multiple gigabit Internet connections at its Tier-1 data center ensures that large number of simultaneous live streams can be distributed with minimal delay.

Live webcasting can also be archived for distribution at a later time. See more details in the On Demand Webcast section.

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