MP3 Distribution–Deliver Content On-Line and Save!

Does your organization distribute audio contents such as sermons, etc. to hundreds of radio stations or other broadcasting houses via CD-ROM or audio cassette?

If your answer is Yes, we welcome you to inquire about WebcastCenter's MP3 Download Center Service. By utilizing this service you can virtually eliminate CD-ROM or cassette based MP3 distribution and switch to digital distribution. You will immediately see the benefits by saving money on postage alone!

WebcastCenter has put together a simple yet efficient way to distribute your content to various broadcast houses. We can digitize your content into broadcast quality MP3 files from various sources such as audio cassette, audio CD and publish them on a secure server for distribution to YOUR clients.

Please note that this is not a public music download service, rather it is catered for organizations who wish to digitally deliver their own content.

Give us a call at 814-342-3303 or send e-mail to for more information.